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This is the quote that has kept me going ever since I started to really struggle with my artwork. An artist I looked up to said these words to me when I asked for help and they have been practically inked into my soul ever since. When I am in doubt, shame, and even feeling helpless about my work… I say these words to myself.

Then I pick up a pen, and I doodle. Because that’s what I need to do.

Don’t give up. Keep drawing.

So I found this… thing, that I think I wasn’t supposed to be able to find with a clear head (even though it was poorly hidden really). I can tell John is in there and it makes me curious, but I’m not sure whether I want to know what I draw when I’m drunk or not…



Go there, and do as the instructions say.
When my art was stolen, I got the post reported, and it was taken down. Don’t worry, it doesn’t just take down the sources post, but it takes down all the reblogged posts too.
Please give this a reblog, many artists out there may not know this is here.
And remember, ask permission before sharing, or don’t post it.




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I’m looking for a fanfiction I read ages ago!


It was inspired by the gif down there and Bro and Mom were like an item years ago but broke up on good terms and like, still met occasionally for updates on their lifes and the kids and stuff? Something like that.
It was about Mom and Bro meating up for a few drinks before Bro had to go work at the club and like, how she had the hots for Dad Egbert and wanted his advice. And when they part Bro is like “And what will you do tonight?” And Mom is all grinning because yeah she meetse with Dad, like, she’d get to know his kid today and then she and Dad would go out on a date when the babysitter arrives, and Bro is eying her suspiciously going all “You sure it is a good idea to go there drunk?”

 Then the gif happens and uhhh thats the first chaper.

And afterwards it’s like, uh, the date with Dad and how John didn’t like the idea of a new mom and he and rose and dave talked about that a lot, but that wasn’t all that fun anymore. I only remember the first chapter cause it was pure gold like- MOMBRO SHENANIGANS.

If anyone know the fic I’d appreciate it if they’d like, send me a link or the author and/or name of the fic? That would be awesome! THANK YOU :D


Anonymous asked:

I'd love to see your face!!


I can do that. ‘S nothing special about it, but I guess I’m rather happy with it? The one hatin on my camera, chillin out on my belly is called Diva (earned that name).

*desperately trying to look cool and grown up* *strikes silly pose*

Once again, might introduce myself properly. I’m GnaCat. If you see this, you probably follow my artblog (btw thank you very much).
I draw mostly Homestuck and am slowly catching up with the story. (Finally reached A6I3 running arround as Meenah is so fun!)

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