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*recklessly overbooked client to satisfy own curiosity*
Seriously, don’t mess with Aradia. She’ll fuck your shit up.

I want a new manager for John.

satiricaleulogy asked:

Hey~! I found you through one of your AO3 works... "Not Far Enough", was it? I hate to be that kind of person... but when do you usually update? *shoots herself for asking the one question she swore never to ask* Would you kindly draw me some Eridan??? O - O

Nah no problem. I can see how that is of importance I’d probably ask that too. And I’m sorry to inform you that I don’t update regularily anymore because I am in a teeny tiny bit of stress lately. I just update whenever I find the time to write and talk to my proofreaders. Sorry. D:

Anyway: Here’s an Eridan to make up for it. (Funny how you asked for an Eridan yet asked about a humanstuck fanfiction without any trolls. haha)

Charasheet for The Hand That Feeds You. One of my Fanfictions on AO3.

If you have questions about my fanfictions feel free to ask them on this blog. I’ll answer them with lil doodles fitting your question. ;D

This was fun to do and I’ll probably do a version of this with flat colors.











Within reason.

Bring it on

I’ll pretty much answer anything.

i dont need reason

Reason? More like just ask and I’ll tell

I will answer anything.

Bring it

Basically anything


I triple dog dare you… 

My body is ready. To type out answers (or draw them).

simonpeggofficial asked:

that sounds hella cool hell yeah. you have no idea how much i love dark stuff and while the lack of eyes both grosses me out and scares me it also makes for addictive reading. can i just ask... what does [number i have forgotten] imagine john looks like?? or is that spoilers oh no

There are a bunch of Daves. Since you refer to one with a number that was actually mentioned it was one of these I guess. I doubt you meant Dave 007.

But if I guess you probably don’t mean the protagonist 038 but 123? He is kind of the only one capable of imagining John because he is old series. The other ones are built with a mental block that inhibits them from imagining what John might look like because of reasons I can’t telly ou yet because spoiler. Anyway 123 is the last Davebot who can do that and he is about to go into the scrap press. Poor baby.

Anyway. Feel free to ask more questions about Always You or really any of my fanfictions. I’ll answer with doodles :3

This is fanart for one of my fanfictions. ALWAYS YOU. It’s pretty much about a bunch of Davebots and John- … yeeeah. haha. John. GOD. Don’t expect pictures from this John. Like: EVER.

The Text in the second one is from “Ein Produkt by MADSEN” The song is german but I love it so I translated the first verse and the refrain and put it in the picture. So yeah text translated by me thought of by the band MADSEN :3

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