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john started off not being able to pick up a sledge hammer




how far we’ve come

You guys realise he was able to swing the wrinklefucker and zillihoo at the end of the very same day he wasn’t able to lift the fucking sledge hammer? *cough* Windything *cough*
Seriously I bet stuff get’s magically lighter to him and he doesn’t even question it like, “Oh cool I must be really strong!” Dude no you lift a car and you used the thing without knowing you used it already. Not saying he doesn’t get stronger just… *cough* cheater! *cough*

John is my favorite kid…

Have you ever thought about a scenario where Dave invites John for a sleepover and John kinda starts to boobietrap the place while Dave is doing something else and of course can’t resist going into Bros room too while Bro is out and starts going through Bros things because curious little shit and somewhere in a hidden box full woth metal scrabs and stuff he finds the half broken autoresponder, Bros 13 year old self trapped in there and totally forgotten and John is amazed and they chat for a while and John totally forgets time and when Dave calls for him John panics and let’s the autoresponder talk him into stealing him.

And so it begins….


one last thing before I go to bed yeeeeeeeeeeh

I don’t care that it’s dumb it needed to be done


Like… what if Dave is a cursed boy and lives as a cat and as a cat he has a catmind and doesn’t fret about differences between humans and animals but as a boy it upsets him and John has his own magic cat and omg and human Dave has weird cat habits and omg YESSSSS.

I wanna draw more for thaaaat xD

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